Not From The Ribs Of Men But From The Stars Up In The Sky: The Magnificent Preparation For Death.

by Los Ateos

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released October 28, 2014

Recorded in Testa Estudio Leon, Guanajuato.
Recorded and engineered by "KB".
Mixed by Rod and Kb at Testa Estudio.
Mastered by Kb at Testa Estudio.
Rod-Drums, Keys.

Album cover By Mike Sandoval.

ShoeGazing-Metal, BlackenedGarage-Rock, Riot-Drone,



all rights reserved
Track Name: Iñigo
You killed my father
Prepare to die.

Gonna get back at you.
Track Name: Marte
Down motherfucker
back down motherfucker.
I just want to get out of here.

We all tell lies.

Be still my beating heart:
I don't want to be afraid.
(One, two, one, two...)
Track Name: Fausto
It is a disease that's made me realize that
I am bound to die anytime.
I could not go on another day living the way I'd done.
My own enemy.
The worst adversary.

I kept crawling off my skin,
into nothing vanishing.
Drop by drop, emptying through sweat and tears.
I was fading.
I kept trying to break free, fighting hopeless, quietly.
I lost all my sanity. It left, it left, it never came back,
but when I stopped fighting she let me go.
I quit struggling and she laid off.

Now I've walked away.
And I won the war.
Yeah I walked away.
I walked away.
Track Name: Hanna
Fire, fire,
I'm burning.
You're burning us.

Hit us a little bit more.
Hit us a little bit harder.

You just want us to keep bleeding.

Not a beast, not a fiend, just a fucking human being.
You need no water, let us motherfuckers burn.

I hit back, and when I do, my blood turns to lava too.
We see your smile, when we can, we'll take it away from you.

Hit us a little bit more. Hit us a little bit harder.

At night, in dreams I'm rendered fearless.
I fly real high and down below.
I fly so high I can't ignore, that now I'm waking up.

Hit you a little bit more.
Hit you a little bit harder.
Track Name: Solar
They were brought here to destroy the air that I breathe,
to take hold of me.
My body was a temple.
It's been withered and destroyed
and that's not right.
I am mad.
This shit's bad,
but it's been bound to happen
ever since I left the bleeding womb that kept me safe and fed me for 9 months. A sanctuary that's since been lost from this Earth (so rotten.)

I will try to ignore our downfall.
I will try to ignore our fucking downfall.
I will cry and you'll be gone.

I will never comprehend what it feels to walk away.